Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Miracles after Trials- Sept 23, 2013


Wow what a week! I haven´t even been here in Chile for quite 3 weeks yet, but it feels like I´ve been here for about 3 months now. Time is one of the weirdest concepts out here. This week literally flew by and it was incredible. I continue to learn so much and my companion (Hna Lovell) is incredible. There were transfers this week and I was freaking out a little bit because my comp has already been in this area for 4 months and so either she would leave now or stay here until she finishes, which isn´t until Dec. 2. Also one of the senior couples in the office thought she was in a different area than she is now a day before the transfer, so I was definitely worried. Hna Lovell just kept telling me not to worry and that I already know everything and could totally train right now if I had to. I don´t quite believe that, but luckily for me everything is still the same and we made a bunch of goals to hit the ground running this transfer!

Sadly the baptism didn´t go through this Friday with Francisco... on Chile Independence day he got pressured into drinking. Both of his parents get drunk on a regular basis and occasionally has to take care of them and he is trying his best not to follow their path. He told us he really regrets it and that is the miracle of repentance. He is still super solid and will get baptized this Friday instead! We have 2 other families working up towards baptism as well and they are just awesome! We have been focusing on working with members more this week and that has made all the difference. I have felt the presence of the spirit so strong every day here and I just love it!

This Thursday we went back to the new area that we haven´t really worked in before and now I see why. It was freezing cold and pouring rain almost the whole day and no one would let us into their house for 3 hours. We contacted so much that day and it wasn´t very pleasant. We had crazy dogs follwing us, an old man yelling at us, trucks splashing water on us, and some not so friendly people. I would like to think that most people would let two young girls in their house if they saw that they were standing in the cold rain, but nope. I realized that the name tag makes all the difference, we aren´t two young girls, we are missionaries and missionaries mean commitment and most Chileans don´t like commitment. Oh well! That´s life and we made the best out of it. We were laughing just about the whole day since it was just ridiculous and we made it fun still. It really is just about the attitude that you have towards the situation. Anyways, we finally were able to teach two lessons that night, but we got home and were exhausted. We knew something had to change. 

That´s when we knew we had to work with members more. I guess we just had to go through that long day in order to learn that. It really strengthened my testimony that after we are patient in enduring our trials, we receive miracles. We then went out with a young girl in the ward and find a young family who is just so ready for the gospel. They were old investigators of some Elders and I´m not quite sure what happened, but their extended family didn´t like the Elders or something. Anyways, I guess they just needed more loving Hermanas to be able to work with them :) The wife has been searching for a religion that would fill her up inside, since she has not felt anything at the other churches. Well, that is exactly what we have! We have the gospel of Jesus Christ restored in perfection. I just love it so much. We also got some great references from the girl and we plan on doing that with each one of the youth in the ward who has gone out with previous missionaries and showing us their old investigators.

Heavenly Father has blessed me so much! I compare my life to those of the people here and wonder how I ever got so lucky. I have an incredible family and parents, not to mention never having to worry if there was going to be food on our table at home and so much more. I can´t help wondering if it´s because I am not nearly as strong as the people here or if I just got lucky or it´s blessings from obedience. I have no idea, but I do know that I admire the people here so much for their strength.

I have seen so many tender mercies this week, including a collectivo driver that now takes us to our house for free when we need, a beautiful rainbow after all the rain, and so much more. When we endure our trails and continue to be obedient, I know we will be blessed. We have been sent to this earth to learn and to grown and we can´t do that without trials. I love being a missionary everyday and wouldn´t give up this time here for anything. Sounds like everyone is doing great back at home and I love you all sooo much! Continue to update me on your lives and what´s going on!

Hermana Romney 

Attached is a photo with one of our investigators at the big Independence Day party they had the the church that started at 10 am until 11 pm! Latins know how to party.

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