Monday, July 7, 2014

The Lord is blessing us!!- June 30, 2014

¡Hola mis seres queridos! 

     This week has been so great! We have definitely had some okay weeks and some hard weeks while here in Cauquenes, but we have been so blessed this week!! It has been incredible. First off, Hna Oronà and I made some new goals this week to be even more diligent in just about everything and the Lord is blessing us because of it! They were just little things, but it has made a difference. We were able to have 6 investigators come to church yesterday and the familia Rojas Milla is excited for the baptisms on the 12th of July if everything goes well! So on Saturday night we called Maribel (the mom) and she told us that she didn`t feel good and that probably wouldn`t make it to church tomorrow. So we asked her if she wanted a priesthood blessing and she agreed so we sent the Elders over there at about 9:00 pm. We told her that if she had Faith that God could heal her, then she needed to show God that Faith by coming to church tomorrow and that He would help her. She didn`t sound quite too convinced, but we prayed a lot for them that night so that they could come with us to church the next morning. Then in the morning we called her again at 9:00 am to wake them up and she said that they all were already on their feet getting ready for church!! It was incredible and I am pretty sure that Hna Oronà and I literally jumped for joy after we hung up. It`s amazing how good it feels to have your investigators in church preparing for their baptisms and showing their Faith! Seeing and helping people come unto Christ has got to be the best feeling in the world. She said that she felt better than the night before too!
    Then Guillermina and Francisco (the guy who still has to go to jail every week night) came to church too with their little girl!! The day before we had a lesson with them and they told us they were going to make an effort to come to church (which basically means no). However, much to our surprise, they walked into church during sacrament meeting!! Boy was that a sight to see! They still have quite a way before they can get baptized, but we are seeing small changes! Finally we had little Anita come with us again! She was the little abuelita that the Hermanas before us were working with but when her husband told her that she couldn`t be baptized, she didn`t want to come anymore. Well I guess her heart was softened because we were`t even looking for her on Saturday, but she was outside and wanted to talk to us. She let us in and for the first time she prayed and just burst into tears. She has been missing our visits so much and finally opened up to us. She has had a super rough past but feels like she needs to go to church every week. She then sang us two of her alabanzas (super evangelica songs) and it was sweet! Haha. Then at church after Hna Oronà and I taught about Faith in our Gospel Principles class, she asked if she could sing again in front of everyone! Of course we said yes and it was awesome!! Haha she is so cute and I love her soul songs. We are hoping she will be able to progress as well. 

    Lastly, we had a super spiritual lesson with the familia Rojas Milla where we all were in tears, even the Dad, Jose Luis! We were talking about prayer and then little Fernanda (8) said she prays every night and we asked her what she prays for and she said that her brother can get good grades, that her Dad can have a good job, for her mom and for us every time. :) We then talked about eternal families and there wasn`t a dry eye in the room. It was such a special moment that I want to always remember. It`s incredible how the gospel is meant for families. How they never would have had that moment if they wouldn`t have opened up their doors to us and to Christ. 

   I feel like we saw so many miracles this week and we have been so blessed! To top it all off, we had a branch assistance of 69!! 69 people! The best we have had in a while has been 55, so that is such an advance! I know the Lord blesses us as we are diligent in everything. I invite everyone of you to think of just one way that you can be more diligent in keeping the commandments and then do it so that the Lord can pour out His blessings upon you. That is His promise. I hope all is well family at Aspen Grove this week too!!!! Not going to admit it is a little bit hard not to be there with the whole family, but like you all told me, this is where I need to be right now. Also Dad did you finally upgrade instead of staying in the A frame cabins??? Brielle I am so excited that you are pregnant too!!! I can`t believe I could possibly come home to 3 new nieces and nephews! (Dad take out this part when you send it on to everyone else because Bri said it is a secret still or something). Well I love you all so much and send me lots of pics from this week!! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

Sorry I forgot my camera again... oops so no pics. Soccer update: Chile is now out of the Mundial since they lost against Brazil this week. :( 

Enjoy Every Moment- June 23, 2014

¡Buenos Dias! 

    So today we have to email a bit earlier because Chile plays in the Mundial (Soccer world cup) today and we can`t be here emailing because of how crazy things get! In fact every time that Chile has a game, we have to be inside of our houses for security reasons or maybe so that we as missionaries wont be tempted to go and just watch the games at someone`s house. Haha. Either way we have to go back early until they finish playing. Everyone has been going crazy for the games and they LOVE their team!! People die for these things and it is so fun to be a part of! "CHI CHI CHI, LE LE LE VAMOS CHILE!!" But I am pretty sure that I hear that cheer at least 2 or more times a day. But so far Chile has won 2 games! 

    The work as well has been going great! The familia Rojas Milla were able to come to church this week as well!!! They said that they loved it so much and during sacrament, Maribel, the mom had tears in her eyes and felt the spirit so strong. Then her son Jose Miguel (14) said that he loved it and wants to come every week from here on! And of course little Fernanda (8) loved it too. Score!! Although the dad, Jose Miguel wasn`t able to come with them, he always is there every lesson and we just have to help him go hunting a different day. I know he will come through. The 3 of them have their baptismal date for the 12th of July and are loving everything about the gospel! They told us that family prayer and scripture study is now a habit for them and they continue to grow and feel the spirit more frequently. This week they said they are going to cook us rabbit!! Yum! I love them soooooo much!!! 
    Aida is getting there, she still finds it hard to make a decision without her husband, but she is reading the Book of Mormon and we have faith that the spirit will be able to touch her and help her know. Then teaching our less-actives has been going good too! We have now fully retaught and reactivated two menos activos and they are doing great and have their own goals to go to the temple! I love this work!! 

    Also Dad I know I mentioned last week the possibility of coming back 1 cambio early to be there when you leave to the Dominican Republic and so that I would return back home everything, but I decided that I don`t want to do that. I want to enjoy every single minute of being out here and being a full-time representative of Jesus Christ! This is the only time in my life that I will be able to serve a mission while I am single and give everything I have to Him. Time is going so fast already and I don`t want to leave even a day early! So I guess I will just come back to you guys in the Dominican Republic! What a party that will be!  

    Anyways, we have to go now, but I love you all so much and hope that all is going well. Keep strong in the Faith and remember that we will have the most joy when we are serving others and serving God. How true that really is!! 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Romney 

I love these little kids!! 

Heavenly Father- June 16, 2014

¡Hola hola Familia!

       First off, Happy late Father`s Day Dad!! I think the best gift I can give to you and to our Heavenly Father is by being here on the mission talking to as many people as I can to share the Gospel! Mom I laughed when I saw that you also gave a talk in church yesterday about Fathers because I did too! Of course I talked a little bit about our fathers here on earth and how my Dad has always been an amazing example of putting God first in his life. How he has helped me so much, especially with my testimony of our Heavenly Father and our Savior. But most of all, I wanted to talk about our Heavenly Father. I ended up talking a lot about how if we really love our Heavenly Father then we will love everyone of his children! We will treat everyone with love and will have charity in our hearts. (That has been a bit of a problem here with everyone talking bad about everyone else....but we are changing that!!! - our branch president says that there is a saying here that says, "pueblo chico, infierno grande"..... ¡que fuerte!) But we have been having LOTS of activities here and we can see more love each and every time! 
          On Saturday we had the baptism of Margarita (investigator of the Elders who we have helped too) and she was just beaming with light!!! I love her! And Maribel (our investigator) was able to come! After we had a sweet activity afterwards were we played lots of games and then of course completos! Gotta love church activities! Then yesterday for Father`s day, our investigator family (familia Rojas Milla) invited us over to have an asado (barbecue) at their house and after we watched the Restoration since the dad, Jose Luis, has never seen it and after wards he said he felt a tingling in his stomach and he really liked it! They are committed to read and pray every night as a family, following this calendar that we made for them! They also accepted a baptismal fecha for the 12th of June so we have high hopes for them!!!
           Aida is doing good as well, she came to church with us again yesterday and doesn`t quite feel ready to make a decision to be baptized, but we know as she continues to read the Book of Mormon and pray sincerely, she will receive her answer! Ruth (less-active) has now been to church three times with us and she is doing awesome! She keeps trying to bring her husband back too, so that would be awesome! Slowly we are growing here and I love Cauquenes so much! Lots of times Hna Oronà and I think that the Lord is trying us here and that we have a lot to learn here and room to grow. But over all we are good and we continue to laugh all the time. I really don`t think I have laughed so much in my life then here with Hna Oronà. When you are in a little town, you have to make your own fun and entertainment, so we have gotten good at that. 
            Well I just wanted to end expressing my love for our Heavenly Father and for the perfect plan that He has for us. I can only imagine how incredibly difficult it was for Him to send His only Son here to earth and to watch him suffer a pain greater than any of us can ever know. Yet He did it out of love. My hope is that we can all treat everyone with that same love because it is what Heavenly Father would want. I love you all and thanks for all of the love and support that you give to me!! Have an amazing week! 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Romney    
Besitos from Chile!!!! (We are excited for the world cup here too!!) 
the familia Rojas Milla!!         

Obedience Brings Blessings- June 9, 2014

Hola Hola! 

       Ah so I can barely even type this week because I am so overwhelmed by news of Mom and Dad`s call to serve as the Presidents of the MTC IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!!!!! Ahhhh but really Mom and Dad I am so happy for you both and know that it will be an amazing experience. Of course your reporting date would be the month before I get home in January of 2015, but I guess I will just be going home to the Dominican Republic instead of Dallas?? Do you think I could work as a teacher there for sometime after my mission?? Welp Mom at least you are already experienced at having to pack up the house once again for the second time! Either way I am sure it will all work out and that is so awesome. The Lord really is hastening His work. How incredible. 

     Well down here in Cauquenes, it has been rain, rain, and more rain!! It has rained everyday off and on for this whole week and our house is super prepared for the rain (NOT) so we have to clean the floor every night since water leaks through the roof in the Kitchen. It`s fun. Also it has gotten cold!!!! Our house is made of cement and there is just a little space heater and that`s it, but we just always wear lots of layers and it`s all good! We still go out even in the crazy storms no matter what because there are so many people that need this Gospel!! 

      So this week has been great as always and as a whole mission we had a fast and study about obedience and becoming completely consecrated to the work. We studied about the Atonement the whole week and I loved it!!! I now know that I really did not understand the Atonement hardly at all before the mission, but I can feel that my knowledge and understanding is growing everyday as I serve Him. The Savior was perfect, he had no bad consequences, no wrong doings, no regrets, and no punishments. He was perfect. Yet, he suffered all of the pains, consequences, punishments, feelings of guilt, everything for us. I think about how unfair that was for Him, but he did it out of love. I really do stand all amazed every time I think about that. I know that because of what He did, I am going to push my self further, consecrate myself even more to give Him all that I have while I am here on the mission. Hna Oronà and I analyzed some things that we could change to become exactly obedient and I know that it helped a lot this week and will help in the future so that the lord can trust in us. So that we can show our love for the one who gave His life for us. 

     It was a really good week to have self reflection about how I can become more like Christ. Even though it rained on Sunday and affected the attendance of the branch and our investigators, it was still a good week and we are seeing progress so that is all we can ask for. We even had some investigators accept a baptismal date that had not before so that was awesome! And we found an awesome family last night!

     Thank you so much family for everything!! Your support and love means everything. This week my comp Hna Oronà had a little bit of a hard time since her parents aren`t members and she barely has been a member for two years. Two of her siblings are also members, but it is still hard and I admire her soooooo much!! She is a champ and I feel so lucky to be her companion. I know that the Lord will bless us as we are obedient and everyone else as well. He is obligated to do so. Have a great week everyone! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

This picture is pretty much what I look like every day in the rain..... gotta love it. 

La Obra del Señor- June 2, 2014

Hey Fam jam, how`s it going?? 

   Well life is really really good here in the Mission Chile Concepcion - the best mission evahh! So many good things happened this week that I don`t even know where to begin. First off, we had a mini-cambio with the hermana leaders and Hermana Moràn (from Ecuador but was studying at BYU for a year before) came with me to Estaciòn and it really was a day full of miracles. We were able to find a couple new people to teach who are amazing and then we finally got the father of the family of 4 that we have been teaching to come listen to us and he even accepted to be baptized on the 21st of June!! It was incredible because his wife, Maribel, really loves the church and has even shared with the missionaries on and off for about 2 years now and it was the first time that ever listened to the missionaries. Her and her son, Jose Luis, want to get baptized, but they don`t want to split apart the family so it was key that her husband now is open to listen to us and to make covenants with the Lord! The time before that we shared with the family, the father just waited in the kitchen listening from there and all the other times he has left the house. But this time he shared with us reading and all and he said that if it is God`s will that he needs to be baptized "again" like he says, then he will do it!! Love that attitude!!! 
   Then this week we had an amazing conference just for all of the Hermanas in the whole mission!! It was incredible and even better that I got to see my old comps and friends!! My baby, Hna Lino, started balling when she saw me and apparently she is killing it out in her new sector. They said that as soon as she arrived, their numbers shot up and it was incredible. THAT`S MY BABY!!! Hahah but it was so good to see everyone and we had the nicest lunch I have had in about 10 months with waiters that came to our tables and a gourmet lunch. Talk about a big change!! We had an elder who specializes in mental health come down from Santiago to talk to all of us and it was great. Sadly, I have known too many hermanas that have gone home early from their missions here, so it was necessary. 

    Also the familia Arellano is still progressing! Aida came to church alone this week, but she has so many desires to learn and knows that we showed up at her house for a reason, but can`t seem to recognize her answers from God yet. Ruth came to church as well!!!!!! She was a less-active that we have taught a few times and came to church the first time in years. She even had a foot cast on and didn`t let that stop her from coming!! Francisco came to church as well, but we found out this week that he still has to go to jail during the week and then they let him out on the weekends and he probably won`t be all the way free until October, so he won`t be progressing very fast. However, he has the most sincere desires to change and our ex-mission leader, Nicolas, (we don`t have a mission leader at the moment) was also in jail before he got baptized and knew him from there and so he has been key in helping us help Francisco. I`ll have to tell you guys the story of Nicolas later, it is incredible and he is awesome!!! 
      Then just today as we were coming to the centro in the collectivo (like a taxi), we started talking to the driver like always and it turns out that he was one of the first members here in Estacion and said he brought like 200 people to the church with him. I`m not sure how true that is since he also told us that he saw Jesus, but he said he has a desire to come back for his daughter and we are going to see him this Wednesday!! It`s crazy how our Heavenly Father puts prepared people in our path like that when we are talking to everyone! 

    Well Estacion really is insane sometimes and I often wonder where I am, but I love it so much and I know that there is so much work to do here. I feel so happy to be the instrument in God`s hands to do His work. Also it made me soooo happy to hear about all of the missionary work going on at home and in the Dallas East Stake!! The work is hastening and I love being a part of it! I am so glad that I have this time to be a full-time missionary and to know that when my time here is over, that I can still share the gospel!!!! I love you all so much and have an incredible week. 

Con mucho amor, 
     Hermana Romney 

From the Hermana Conference. My hija!! and then Marta, the less-active who has now been to church 3 times since we started teaching her!!

Màs Allá- May 26, 2014

 ¡Buenos días! 

     Hope everything is going well with everyone. This week has been great and we were able to see lots of progress and good bonding between the members here in the branch with the activities of the conference this week. Also sorry, this is going to be short, I know, I need to manage my email time better, but next week will be better! 

     We were able to see a few awesome miracles this week! So Friday as we were walking out of the activity at night, a couple with their 4 year old daughter were walking by and we started talking to them and invited them in for a tour of the church, which they accepted! They loved it and we invited them to the activity the next day and they showed up all on their own! And they even already knew some of the members of the branch which was awesome and they loved it! Sweet little miracles just for talking to everyone! 

     Then on Saturday we went with one of the members to go find some of the less actives to teach and we went to Hno Pedro, who hasn`t wanted to accept the missionaries, and he let us right in! He got offended about 2 months ago when they released him from his calling and thought they were "demoting him" and didn`t come back after that. However, we tried to help him realize that Heavenly Father needed him in a different calling that he would do even better at and then he came to church the next day! Sometimes, I think all people need is to be reminded of the simple concept of looking beyond the circumstances and to be reminded of what the purpose of our life is. To remember to always put God first in our lives. I think the simple concept of just getting our priorities straight would help all of us in our own lives and in consequence help the world become a better place!

      This Sunday in Relief Society, they started talking about how we need to have a vision of where we want to be in the future and what we are working for. That exaltation is our ultimate goal in the end and what ever little pebbles or trials that come in our path will seem so small in the end. It will all be worth. As humans, we tend to forget that so easily and get hung up on the little things that impede us to do what is right, or to go to church, or even just to be happy for that matter. While talking with so many less-actives here, everyone seems to be offended by something some one said or dumb things honestly, haha but if we all could just have the vision of the big picture, none of those little things would matter. That has been our goal to help the branch here in Estacion. To help the lost ones come back to church and to help them have a vision of màs allà. 

    The familia Arellano is doing good still! In fact I just saw one of the daughters, Nadia, here in the ciber doing a school project and she says Hi to everyone. Welp I have got to go, but I love you all soooo much and thanks for everything!!!! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

This is an email that President Arrington sent me today, I mainly include this for your sake Dad. But he is so awesome and always gives me lots of animo to keep working for the Lord!! 
Hermana Romney,

Thanks so much for your letter and for the great work you are doing in Estacion and for the attitude and animo with which you do it.

I too have faith that you and those you are serving with can make a difference there in that little branch. A few menos activos back to church is a huge accomplishment!!! By bringing some back and by bringing some new ones in I believe we can change the culture of that branch that has been so negative for so long. I have no doubt that you have been called there at this time, that you have been prepared all of your life to make a differnce there.

Thanks for always having such a great attitude.

Con amor,

Presidente Arrington
Isn`t he awesome?????  Also I forgot my camera, but here`s a pic that my amazing comp, Hna oronà took. hahah

9 months down, 9 to go-May 19, 2014

Hola Hola, 

  ¿Que tal familiaa? Ahhh I was so excited to hear that Carli had her baby little Kate!!!! She is absolutely beautiful and I can`t wait to meet her! Crazy that I already have 7 nieces and nephews and 2 that I haven`t even met yet! The Romney family continues to keep growing! And as much as I miss you all like crazy, this scripture gives me comfort in Matthew 19:29 - And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.
   How great is it to be serving a mission and doing exactly this!!

     Well as always, the mission is a roller coaster and this week has been full of ups and downs. Luckily the goods as always are much better and make all of the downs worth it! This next week coming up is our branch conference with a few activities this week! That is exciting and we are hoping it will really bring the branch together, because that is what they need. Lots of love and animo! Also since the missionaries basically do everything here in the branch, we have been putting together a choir for Sunday and that has been a hoot. Trying to get everyone to sing the right part while attempting to play the piano is always interesting, but we have had lots of fun with it and I know that Heavenly Father will help us, a lot! 

   Our investigators the family Arellano (Aida, Karen, Nadia, and Ivan) are doing good!!! Only the mom was able to come to church this Sunday since the rest of the family had to go visit their Tia, but she liked it and they are excited for the activities this week! We also have been working a ton on helping less-actives and recent converts to come to church or stay active in the church since this branch has a lot of problems with that. On Sunday it rained and of course that kills assistance and there was only 35 people at church..... so we have LOTS of work to do!! We are excited for Marta (less-active) though who we found the first week we got here to Estacion and now she has gone to church repeatedly 3 times now!! She told us that her weeks have been so much better since she has gone to church and she has a lot more animo now. 
     I know that these people here in Estacion NEED the gospel in their lives and I know Hna Oronà and I are here for are a reason. Even President emailed me this past week thanking me for taking on this challenge and that he felt inspired to put us both here. Pray for us and for the branch here! I know that the Lord will bless us, especially as we each contact 10 people a day (140 total in the week) because that is what the Lord has reveled to the area presidency! Hna Orona and I are doing just that and we have no doubt the Lord will bless us!! Thanks for everythign family and I love the mission and life and our Savior sooo much!!! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney  

So I hit my 9 month mark and for Hermanas that means the 9 month güata!!!!! Or the mission baby bump!

A Family home evening with a les-active family we have been working with, the familia Landero! 

May 12, 2014

!Hola Hola¡

     Ahhhh family it was sooo good seeing your faces and hearing your voices yesterday! It really was just what I needed to get even more excited to work and to help the people here in Estación. I love how crazy it was having all 18 of us (with the neices and nephews) and everyone! And oh my of course no one can stay still and has to be making faces in the camera the whole time, but I LOVED it!! 
     Well you guys basically know everything from yesterday, so I think today I will mainly just send some pictures. The first one is of the activity that we had this Friday that I told you about. We made food from the different countries where we come from and I had our investigators (Aida, Karen, and Nadia) help me make Lemon Bars!! Ahh I had missed those! And then they came with us to the activity and it was soo great! We are really hoping for them to be able to progress. We watched the Restoration with them this week and I was praying so hard the whole time that they would be able to feel the spirit during the movie. Afterwards we asked them how they felt, and they loved it and felt that they could relate so much! Score! Then Nadia told me that this week she was walking home and that the name Joesph Smith popped into her head and that it came out of nowhere and she feels that God is trying to tell her something. Double score! So we have high hopes for them.
     Next picture is when my comp killed our pet rat... We heard a plastic bag rattiling when my comp screams that there is a rat and then she proceeds to grab the broom and starts wacking it like crazy!! It was intense and then we had to take pictures of course. 

     Then we had a zone conference on Friday which was AWESOME! I love President Arrington and he helped us so much! We got chocolate for our birthdays! 

 Well I absolutely LOVE the mission, I love Chile, I love my family, and overall I love my Savior Jesus Christ. Have a great week everyone!! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney