Monday, July 7, 2014

May 12, 2014

!Hola Hola¡

     Ahhhh family it was sooo good seeing your faces and hearing your voices yesterday! It really was just what I needed to get even more excited to work and to help the people here in Estación. I love how crazy it was having all 18 of us (with the neices and nephews) and everyone! And oh my of course no one can stay still and has to be making faces in the camera the whole time, but I LOVED it!! 
     Well you guys basically know everything from yesterday, so I think today I will mainly just send some pictures. The first one is of the activity that we had this Friday that I told you about. We made food from the different countries where we come from and I had our investigators (Aida, Karen, and Nadia) help me make Lemon Bars!! Ahh I had missed those! And then they came with us to the activity and it was soo great! We are really hoping for them to be able to progress. We watched the Restoration with them this week and I was praying so hard the whole time that they would be able to feel the spirit during the movie. Afterwards we asked them how they felt, and they loved it and felt that they could relate so much! Score! Then Nadia told me that this week she was walking home and that the name Joesph Smith popped into her head and that it came out of nowhere and she feels that God is trying to tell her something. Double score! So we have high hopes for them.
     Next picture is when my comp killed our pet rat... We heard a plastic bag rattiling when my comp screams that there is a rat and then she proceeds to grab the broom and starts wacking it like crazy!! It was intense and then we had to take pictures of course. 

     Then we had a zone conference on Friday which was AWESOME! I love President Arrington and he helped us so much! We got chocolate for our birthdays! 

 Well I absolutely LOVE the mission, I love Chile, I love my family, and overall I love my Savior Jesus Christ. Have a great week everyone!! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney

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