Monday, July 7, 2014

Enjoy Every Moment- June 23, 2014

¡Buenos Dias! 

    So today we have to email a bit earlier because Chile plays in the Mundial (Soccer world cup) today and we can`t be here emailing because of how crazy things get! In fact every time that Chile has a game, we have to be inside of our houses for security reasons or maybe so that we as missionaries wont be tempted to go and just watch the games at someone`s house. Haha. Either way we have to go back early until they finish playing. Everyone has been going crazy for the games and they LOVE their team!! People die for these things and it is so fun to be a part of! "CHI CHI CHI, LE LE LE VAMOS CHILE!!" But I am pretty sure that I hear that cheer at least 2 or more times a day. But so far Chile has won 2 games! 

    The work as well has been going great! The familia Rojas Milla were able to come to church this week as well!!! They said that they loved it so much and during sacrament, Maribel, the mom had tears in her eyes and felt the spirit so strong. Then her son Jose Miguel (14) said that he loved it and wants to come every week from here on! And of course little Fernanda (8) loved it too. Score!! Although the dad, Jose Miguel wasn`t able to come with them, he always is there every lesson and we just have to help him go hunting a different day. I know he will come through. The 3 of them have their baptismal date for the 12th of July and are loving everything about the gospel! They told us that family prayer and scripture study is now a habit for them and they continue to grow and feel the spirit more frequently. This week they said they are going to cook us rabbit!! Yum! I love them soooooo much!!! 
    Aida is getting there, she still finds it hard to make a decision without her husband, but she is reading the Book of Mormon and we have faith that the spirit will be able to touch her and help her know. Then teaching our less-actives has been going good too! We have now fully retaught and reactivated two menos activos and they are doing great and have their own goals to go to the temple! I love this work!! 

    Also Dad I know I mentioned last week the possibility of coming back 1 cambio early to be there when you leave to the Dominican Republic and so that I would return back home everything, but I decided that I don`t want to do that. I want to enjoy every single minute of being out here and being a full-time representative of Jesus Christ! This is the only time in my life that I will be able to serve a mission while I am single and give everything I have to Him. Time is going so fast already and I don`t want to leave even a day early! So I guess I will just come back to you guys in the Dominican Republic! What a party that will be!  

    Anyways, we have to go now, but I love you all so much and hope that all is going well. Keep strong in the Faith and remember that we will have the most joy when we are serving others and serving God. How true that really is!! 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Romney 

I love these little kids!! 

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