Monday, July 7, 2014

Obedience Brings Blessings- June 9, 2014

Hola Hola! 

       Ah so I can barely even type this week because I am so overwhelmed by news of Mom and Dad`s call to serve as the Presidents of the MTC IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!!!!! Ahhhh but really Mom and Dad I am so happy for you both and know that it will be an amazing experience. Of course your reporting date would be the month before I get home in January of 2015, but I guess I will just be going home to the Dominican Republic instead of Dallas?? Do you think I could work as a teacher there for sometime after my mission?? Welp Mom at least you are already experienced at having to pack up the house once again for the second time! Either way I am sure it will all work out and that is so awesome. The Lord really is hastening His work. How incredible. 

     Well down here in Cauquenes, it has been rain, rain, and more rain!! It has rained everyday off and on for this whole week and our house is super prepared for the rain (NOT) so we have to clean the floor every night since water leaks through the roof in the Kitchen. It`s fun. Also it has gotten cold!!!! Our house is made of cement and there is just a little space heater and that`s it, but we just always wear lots of layers and it`s all good! We still go out even in the crazy storms no matter what because there are so many people that need this Gospel!! 

      So this week has been great as always and as a whole mission we had a fast and study about obedience and becoming completely consecrated to the work. We studied about the Atonement the whole week and I loved it!!! I now know that I really did not understand the Atonement hardly at all before the mission, but I can feel that my knowledge and understanding is growing everyday as I serve Him. The Savior was perfect, he had no bad consequences, no wrong doings, no regrets, and no punishments. He was perfect. Yet, he suffered all of the pains, consequences, punishments, feelings of guilt, everything for us. I think about how unfair that was for Him, but he did it out of love. I really do stand all amazed every time I think about that. I know that because of what He did, I am going to push my self further, consecrate myself even more to give Him all that I have while I am here on the mission. Hna Oronà and I analyzed some things that we could change to become exactly obedient and I know that it helped a lot this week and will help in the future so that the lord can trust in us. So that we can show our love for the one who gave His life for us. 

     It was a really good week to have self reflection about how I can become more like Christ. Even though it rained on Sunday and affected the attendance of the branch and our investigators, it was still a good week and we are seeing progress so that is all we can ask for. We even had some investigators accept a baptismal date that had not before so that was awesome! And we found an awesome family last night!

     Thank you so much family for everything!! Your support and love means everything. This week my comp Hna Oronà had a little bit of a hard time since her parents aren`t members and she barely has been a member for two years. Two of her siblings are also members, but it is still hard and I admire her soooooo much!! She is a champ and I feel so lucky to be her companion. I know that the Lord will bless us as we are obedient and everyone else as well. He is obligated to do so. Have a great week everyone! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

This picture is pretty much what I look like every day in the rain..... gotta love it. 

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