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Màs Allá- May 26, 2014

 ¡Buenos días! 

     Hope everything is going well with everyone. This week has been great and we were able to see lots of progress and good bonding between the members here in the branch with the activities of the conference this week. Also sorry, this is going to be short, I know, I need to manage my email time better, but next week will be better! 

     We were able to see a few awesome miracles this week! So Friday as we were walking out of the activity at night, a couple with their 4 year old daughter were walking by and we started talking to them and invited them in for a tour of the church, which they accepted! They loved it and we invited them to the activity the next day and they showed up all on their own! And they even already knew some of the members of the branch which was awesome and they loved it! Sweet little miracles just for talking to everyone! 

     Then on Saturday we went with one of the members to go find some of the less actives to teach and we went to Hno Pedro, who hasn`t wanted to accept the missionaries, and he let us right in! He got offended about 2 months ago when they released him from his calling and thought they were "demoting him" and didn`t come back after that. However, we tried to help him realize that Heavenly Father needed him in a different calling that he would do even better at and then he came to church the next day! Sometimes, I think all people need is to be reminded of the simple concept of looking beyond the circumstances and to be reminded of what the purpose of our life is. To remember to always put God first in our lives. I think the simple concept of just getting our priorities straight would help all of us in our own lives and in consequence help the world become a better place!

      This Sunday in Relief Society, they started talking about how we need to have a vision of where we want to be in the future and what we are working for. That exaltation is our ultimate goal in the end and what ever little pebbles or trials that come in our path will seem so small in the end. It will all be worth. As humans, we tend to forget that so easily and get hung up on the little things that impede us to do what is right, or to go to church, or even just to be happy for that matter. While talking with so many less-actives here, everyone seems to be offended by something some one said or dumb things honestly, haha but if we all could just have the vision of the big picture, none of those little things would matter. That has been our goal to help the branch here in Estacion. To help the lost ones come back to church and to help them have a vision of màs allà. 

    The familia Arellano is doing good still! In fact I just saw one of the daughters, Nadia, here in the ciber doing a school project and she says Hi to everyone. Welp I have got to go, but I love you all soooo much and thanks for everything!!!! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

This is an email that President Arrington sent me today, I mainly include this for your sake Dad. But he is so awesome and always gives me lots of animo to keep working for the Lord!! 
Hermana Romney,

Thanks so much for your letter and for the great work you are doing in Estacion and for the attitude and animo with which you do it.

I too have faith that you and those you are serving with can make a difference there in that little branch. A few menos activos back to church is a huge accomplishment!!! By bringing some back and by bringing some new ones in I believe we can change the culture of that branch that has been so negative for so long. I have no doubt that you have been called there at this time, that you have been prepared all of your life to make a differnce there.

Thanks for always having such a great attitude.

Con amor,

Presidente Arrington
Isn`t he awesome?????  Also I forgot my camera, but here`s a pic that my amazing comp, Hna oronà took. hahah

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