Monday, July 7, 2014

The Lord is blessing us!!- June 30, 2014

¡Hola mis seres queridos! 

     This week has been so great! We have definitely had some okay weeks and some hard weeks while here in Cauquenes, but we have been so blessed this week!! It has been incredible. First off, Hna Oronà and I made some new goals this week to be even more diligent in just about everything and the Lord is blessing us because of it! They were just little things, but it has made a difference. We were able to have 6 investigators come to church yesterday and the familia Rojas Milla is excited for the baptisms on the 12th of July if everything goes well! So on Saturday night we called Maribel (the mom) and she told us that she didn`t feel good and that probably wouldn`t make it to church tomorrow. So we asked her if she wanted a priesthood blessing and she agreed so we sent the Elders over there at about 9:00 pm. We told her that if she had Faith that God could heal her, then she needed to show God that Faith by coming to church tomorrow and that He would help her. She didn`t sound quite too convinced, but we prayed a lot for them that night so that they could come with us to church the next morning. Then in the morning we called her again at 9:00 am to wake them up and she said that they all were already on their feet getting ready for church!! It was incredible and I am pretty sure that Hna Oronà and I literally jumped for joy after we hung up. It`s amazing how good it feels to have your investigators in church preparing for their baptisms and showing their Faith! Seeing and helping people come unto Christ has got to be the best feeling in the world. She said that she felt better than the night before too!
    Then Guillermina and Francisco (the guy who still has to go to jail every week night) came to church too with their little girl!! The day before we had a lesson with them and they told us they were going to make an effort to come to church (which basically means no). However, much to our surprise, they walked into church during sacrament meeting!! Boy was that a sight to see! They still have quite a way before they can get baptized, but we are seeing small changes! Finally we had little Anita come with us again! She was the little abuelita that the Hermanas before us were working with but when her husband told her that she couldn`t be baptized, she didn`t want to come anymore. Well I guess her heart was softened because we were`t even looking for her on Saturday, but she was outside and wanted to talk to us. She let us in and for the first time she prayed and just burst into tears. She has been missing our visits so much and finally opened up to us. She has had a super rough past but feels like she needs to go to church every week. She then sang us two of her alabanzas (super evangelica songs) and it was sweet! Haha. Then at church after Hna Oronà and I taught about Faith in our Gospel Principles class, she asked if she could sing again in front of everyone! Of course we said yes and it was awesome!! Haha she is so cute and I love her soul songs. We are hoping she will be able to progress as well. 

    Lastly, we had a super spiritual lesson with the familia Rojas Milla where we all were in tears, even the Dad, Jose Luis! We were talking about prayer and then little Fernanda (8) said she prays every night and we asked her what she prays for and she said that her brother can get good grades, that her Dad can have a good job, for her mom and for us every time. :) We then talked about eternal families and there wasn`t a dry eye in the room. It was such a special moment that I want to always remember. It`s incredible how the gospel is meant for families. How they never would have had that moment if they wouldn`t have opened up their doors to us and to Christ. 

   I feel like we saw so many miracles this week and we have been so blessed! To top it all off, we had a branch assistance of 69!! 69 people! The best we have had in a while has been 55, so that is such an advance! I know the Lord blesses us as we are diligent in everything. I invite everyone of you to think of just one way that you can be more diligent in keeping the commandments and then do it so that the Lord can pour out His blessings upon you. That is His promise. I hope all is well family at Aspen Grove this week too!!!! Not going to admit it is a little bit hard not to be there with the whole family, but like you all told me, this is where I need to be right now. Also Dad did you finally upgrade instead of staying in the A frame cabins??? Brielle I am so excited that you are pregnant too!!! I can`t believe I could possibly come home to 3 new nieces and nephews! (Dad take out this part when you send it on to everyone else because Bri said it is a secret still or something). Well I love you all so much and send me lots of pics from this week!! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

Sorry I forgot my camera again... oops so no pics. Soccer update: Chile is now out of the Mundial since they lost against Brazil this week. :( 

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