Monday, August 11, 2014

Snowball Fight!!! - July 7, 2014


     So yes, as the title of this email says, we got to have a snowball fight in real snow in the Andes mountains! We finally had a zone activity (after ages of planning) and we went up into a little German town in the middle of the mountains with a population of about 150 people. The history of the town in super interesting and a big group of Germans were held their captive until a few people finally escaped and they took out the dictator (Paul Shepard I think was his name or something) in like 1997. Crazy stuff, but once we arrived, a German man who knew little Spanish took us in a truck (a car that they would use in an Indiana Jones movie - it was sweet!) and we went up the whole mountain until we got to the top in the snow!!!! It was Hermana Oronà`s first time to see the snow too!!! She was sooo excited and it was so funny. I think she threw more snowballs than anyone today. It was way fun and Dad it sort of reminded me of when we would do high adventure things in Mexico and how we would have to ride in a truck that got so close to the edges to do Matacanes. I loved it. 

    But, we have almost no time to email now, but all is well here!! Loving the mission as always. I am so glad that everyone had fun at Aspen Grove and thank you for all of the pictures! Investigators are doing great and we had to push back the baptismal date of the familia Rojas Milla because of family and health problems, but they are still loving the gospel and all is well. I continue to learn so many things here on the mission that I know I would not have learned else wise or that it would have taken me many years to learn so I am grateful for that. Have a great week everyone and be obedient!! Blessings come!!! Love you all soooo much!!! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

And of course now i don`t even have time to upload any more fotos, so i will put them up next week, but it was beautiful!!! 

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