Monday, August 11, 2014

Deja Vu- July 21, 2014


       Okay so this week has been so crazy and sometimes I still feel like I am living a dream. It was so strange wandering the streets of Copihues AGAIN! I am so surprised how much I remember too and that the members remember me too. It really is so nice though that I don`t have to learn everyone`s names again and so I know this is going to be a rockin time. Also in our ward we are 6 missionaries and one of the zone leaders in my ward is Elder Ainge (I knew him from before since he was one the BYU mens basketball team so that`s been fun).   
       First miracle that happened al tiro (right away) was on Tuesday when we had just walked outside to start out the day and I saw Julia and Triana!!! They were my converts from the last time I was here and were the first ones I wanted to see. They were going to el campo right then and were waiting for the bus and we just happened to walk by. I started yelling "Julia, Julia!" and she saw us from far away and totally freaked out and started going crazy and crying. Hahahah it really was hilarious and gave me one of the biggest hugs. She thought I was just visiting and then I told her that this was now my sector again and so she was pumped about that. She admitted she had been a little bit lazy to go to church recently, but said she is going to get things going again and I got to sit with them at church yesterday. Also her son Jose Miguel is going to receive the Preisthood next week and so that was so exciting to see as well. This is the perfect way to retain converts!! Mariana moved away to another ward and so I am hoping that she will come to our ward just once so that I can see her as well. Then Francisco has kinda gone inactive, but we are going to work to get him going again too. The reaction on people`s faces when they saw me again after 9 months was priceless. I love Copihues!! Also the ward here (first off it`s a ward) is so great and the bishop is so hard working and goes out and visits so many members every week. 
       This week has been pretty great though. On Thursday I had to travel down with some elders to Concepcion to go to the new leader training and that was so great. President Arrington is so inspired and so basically the hermana training leaders are like zone leaders, but we still have a district leader over us and we report to the president, it is a cool dynamic and Dad I think you would have liked it in Monterrey.
    Also my comp is Hermana Call from Mexico, but she is practically gringa and this is her last transfer so we are planning to give it everything! I feel like we are laughing 24/7 - maybe a little too much, but she is an amazing missionary and we both feel like we have been together for so much longer than just a week. Well, sorry this email was a little boring, but next week it should be better. I love you all so much family and thanks for everything!!!! You are the best!!!! The mission is the best!!!  

con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

Hna call and me!

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