Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to my Birth Place- July 14, 2014

Hello hello,

      Okay so first thing off, cambios were today and I am going back to Copihues in Chillan Viejo!! The ward where I started my mission and was there for about 1 1/2 and then got emergency transferred out of there. President called me last night and extended the call for me to be an Hermana Training Leader as well. So hello to my own cell phone and to lots of mini-cambios! I am a bit nervous, but it should be good and I am excited for the new experiences. I also am going to be with Hermana Call, she is from Mexico, but is practically American and I already know her really well, so it should be a blast!!! I am super excited to go back to my old sector and see my converts from there!!! President told me that he knows that I have already been there, but he felt that it wasn`t enough time and that I needed to go back. So I know there are people waiting for us there! 

      However, I am super sad to leave Cauquenes and especially the Scholes (the senior couple in our branch here). There are so many people and things that I came to love about Cauquenes. At times I have to admit that I was a little bit fed up with all of the gossip that goes around with the members, but I came to love them soo much. Especially our investigators, la familia Rojas Milla. They have been progressing so well and should be baptized this Saturday!!! Even Jose Miguel (14) had a soccer game yesterday at 10 am, but after we talked, he decided that he was going to put God first and go to church. It was so awesome to see him there and it reminded me of all the times where I wanted to play sports on Sunday, but in the end decided not too and I know the blessings that come form keeping the Sabbath day holy. I am going to miss Maribel soooo much too!!! We had a mini-cambio this week where I went to a different sector and my comp made a joke that I got changed and she started tearing up.. awww so I am a little bit hesitant to tell her I am leaving, but I have no doubt that they are going to remain strong in the gospel and they will just have to send me lots of photos from their baptism. I can already see Maribel as a Relief Society President. :) Also right when we were making lots of progress with the dad (Jose Luis) as well. He went hunting instead of going to church yesterday and when we saw him in the night, he said that he didn`t catch a thing and that he is going to go to church the next time instead. 
          So while today is going to be a little bit lame, since I hate saying goodbye, I am super excited for the new adventures with Hna Call. I am going to miss Hna Orona soooo much though!! Why do we have to have so many torn feelings sometimes?? Goodbye to the wonderful american breakfasts every Monday morning with the Scholes, to cleaning the church every Saturday morning and then playing fùtbol after, to cooking our own meals at least 2 times a week, to traveling an two hours every Tuesday for District meetings, and to all of the people that I love here. 

        That`s the beauty of life though right? That things are always changing and we have new opportunities to become the person that our Heavenly Father wants us to be. On Friday we had a branch movie night where we watched the Other Side of Heaven and boy did that make me sad to think about the moment when I will have to leave Chile. I have exactly 11 months in the mission right now and only 7 to go. How forever grateful I will be for this experience of being a missionary and I am excited for the time that still awaits me. Thank you family for the pictures and for the support!! You guys are the best. I love you sooo much! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

A few pics from the activity that I promised last week from the German town.  We had to ride on this truck where we all felt like we were on an Indiana Jones adventure. Then last night Nicole, Mary, Maribel, and Hna Orona decided they wanted to pick me up... haha that was a riot. 

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