Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Years! - Jan. 6, 2014

¡Feliz Año Nuevo Familia y Amigos! 

     How has everyone been enjoying 2014? I hope all of you have made many new years resolutions to become more like Christ and share the gospel even more! This is the only complete year for me that I will spend in the mission field and I plan to give it my all. We had a great little New Years celebration where some members gave us dinner and then we went back to our house at10:30 where us 4 Hermanas celebrated with Root-beer floats and all! (Yes real Root-beer!!, some members gave us some Root-beer and ice cream so we could celebrate!!). When it was midnight crazy noise and fireworks were going on everywhere making it impossible to sleep, so we decided to enjoy it too :) Thanks for the little laser lights that you sent me mom, those came in handy that night! But of course the next day we went out to work like normal even though about everyone was gone! However, there were a lot more drunk guys in the street than normal... that always makes things interesting. One of them yelled at his friends, "Ahh alli viene la Barbie, si la Barbie Mormona..." Translation: "Ahh here comes the Barbie, yes the Mormon Barbie.." Hahahah that`s a new one for the books. Anyways, Hna Lino always makes fun of me now and calls me that. Haha. Speaking of, Hna Lino is doing so great! At first she was tired a lot of the time from not having her usual siesta (nap) everyday like she did before and she would always tells me that I have long legs and that I need to walk slower for her haha. But now she is rarely trying to run to keep up and is becoming a power house and contacting everyone! I love my hijita!
      Apart from that, we had a few more interesting experiences this week where we taught a guy who randomly came up to us and told us he used to share with the missionaries and that he read the Book of Mormon in 22 days! So we automatically went to talk teach him in a member`s house that was close by. We shared something really short because they had to leave, but when we asked him why he hadn`t been baptized yet, he said he couldn`t and needed more time... anyways so after we left the member`s house he talked to us more and said he escaped from jail... I think he just means on house arrest or something because apparently he has the weekends free and then he works the rest of the week. Anyways, his friend gave him a Book of Mormon when he was still in jail and that is when he read it all the way through and he said it changed his life completely. That he saw life in a whole different perspective after that and so he is out of jail for a certain time because of good behavior. Crazy right!!??? Afterwards, we figured out that he doesn`t even live in our sector, but the power of the Book of Mormon is so real!!! It really changes lives and I know that book was written by ancient prophets for our day. To give us direction and meaning in life. What a great gift that we all should be taking advantage of everyday! If we want to receive direction or the answers to our problems: READ. If we want to have the spirit constantly with us: READ.  If we want to always stay centered in the teachings of Jesus Christ: READ. It is such a simple concept and doesn`t even take that much time, but it has eternal consequences and blesses us immensely.
         Then another guy on New Years day came up to us and wanted to take a picture with us and we thought he was drunk or a "snake" (creep) at first. We then told him he could take a picture as long as we could teach him first. He agreed and so then we started talking and he actually really was interested in the church. He had tons of questions for us and said he wanted to come talk to us, he just didn`t know how, so he used the picture taking as an excuse. That was pretty cool and we`ll be going back to teach him. 
        Anyways, everything else has been going great here and we have been finding a lot of less actives and bringing them back to church and we are starting to see the fruits of being able to teach their family members, so that is awesome! Welp I hope everyone keeps Christ in the center of their lives in the year 2014 and I love you all soooooo much!!!!!!

!Les quiero tanto!
Hermana Romney       

An AMAZING REAL American breakfast that the sweetest senior couple (the Kimballs) made for us in their house
Photo of New Years with fireworks in the back and everything that we can see from our window since our house is up on a hill!! 

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