Monday, November 3, 2014

Opportunity of a LIFETIME.- Oct 27, 2014


        Yet another amazing week in la Misiòn Chile Concepciòn. So not too much time to write this week, but once again we have been seeing how Heavenly Father guides us towards his prepared children as long as we open our mouths. I know that we are instruments in His hands, but we can`t help anyone unless we are willing to be obedient and do His will. On Wednesday morning this last week we met a really prepared investigator named Mirian. We were actually looking for her neighbor Nicole, the sister of a recent convert who is 16 years old, but it turns out that she had to go to the hospital right before because he baby was being born. What...we didn`t even know she was pregnant, but anyways we knocked on the door right next to her and Mirian lets us right in al tiro. She accepted baptism right away and said, " I want to become closer to God and I think He has sent you to me so sure I`ll go to church and be baptized." It was awesome and then we went back on Saturday and told her that there was a baptism at the church right after our lesson and so we invited her to come and she said sure, so she came and loved it. We went to pick her up on Sunday morning from church, but her work called and they made her go right away, so she couldn`t come, but we have hope for her. 

      Then right after our lesson with Mirian, we were walking and just talking to everyone who passed us until we ran into Erica who talked to us for about 15 minutes and just started crying so much. She told us how she used to have so much Faith until her husband left her and her 3 kids and now she doesn`t have any food to even give her kids. We testified how this gospel can help her and that God has not abandoned her. At first she didn`t want to let us come visit her, but she finally agreed that we could come next week, so we are anxious to be able to help her. There have been so many moments like that where all we had to do was open our mouths and that way God could give us the words to say and the way to help her. 

        On other news, Ivan is a complete stud and loved church again this Sunday. He even brought his 17 yr old son too who doesn`t like any church, but said that he really liked our church and wants to come back again next week! Ivan has been reading the BOM every night and is progressing well for either the 8th or 15th of November for his baptism depending on his work. Ivan is actually a red-head and doesn`t look Chilean at all, but he reminds me so much of my oldest brother Brandon! He has the same mannerisms and Brandon you are just a blonde version of him, so that has been cool and he thinks it`s funny. Haha. (BTW, Mom told me you and Brittani are going to Thailand... whatt??) Anyways, Johana and Sebastian also came to church again and they are hopefully getting married here soon so they can be baptized. 

     Also Flavio and Pilar both got callings this week in church and they are so excited to work and so are we to help them keep progressing in the Gospel. 

       Last thing, we had a ward movie night where we watched the Saratov Approach and boy did that make the tears flow! I love watching movies about missionaries because we can relate so much and I loved their determination and the confidence that God would free them. All 7 of us missionaries at the end bore our testimonies and there wasn`t a dry eye in the house. The spirit was so strong as we all gave witnesses of miracles how our Heavenly Father has protected us and that Christ really suffered for all of sins. If you haven`t seen that movie, I recommend it! 

    Love you all so much and have a great week! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

      From a service activity with all of the missionaries and I helped paint that whole wall behind us at a local cemetery! 

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