Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sharing is Caring- Oct. 21, 2013

So first off I just want to say congratulations to Blake and Erika on their new baby boy, Greyson! I am so excited to meet him after the mission and can't believe I now have 6 nieces and nephews. However, my companion is the youngest of 9 kids and has 22 nieces and nephews already, so siblings pick up the pace... haha no just kidding, but I am so excited for you two!!
Everything is still going well here in Chillan Viejo. It's really interesting because the whole focus of our mission is changing and I think it's changing all around the world too. There is so much more of an emphasis on members who are less active and recent converts to make sure that there is a real growth in the church. That people don't just get baptized and then go inactive super fast. There is a huge stress right now to work with members and how we as missionaries are there to aid the members in their missionary work. Those of you at home, it is your responsibility to share the gospel with others. It shouldn't be something that is a pain, but rather an act of love to your friends and family. Let them know that you care about them and that you want them to feel the same happiness that you do in your life. It's the simple and small things that make the difference in the end. Don't miss out on opportunities to invite others to come unto Christ. Looking back on my life before the mission makes me realize how many opportunities I had to share the gospel and didn't. I have now committed to always be a missionary when I get back and not miss out on those opportunities!
So sadly Mariana fell again and so we will have to wait a while for her baptism, but we have faith and so does she that she will be able to get through this. She has had such a great change so far though and I LOVE seeing the change that the gospel can make.
Okay so not much time today, but PLEASE share the gospel with your loved ones. I love you all so much at home and keep sending pictures! Keep true to the faith.

Hermana Romney
PS - so that one picture of the horse is right next to our house. We live out in the campo and I love it!

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