Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Conference- Oct. 7, 2013

Hello everyone!

    Wasn`t conference just incredible? It really is such a privilege that we have to be able to know what exactly it is that God wants us to hear. That was one of the amazing things that we got to share with contacts this week is that we have a prophet and 12 apostles today just like in Christ`s time. I´m not sure if anyone else noticed, but they sure talked A LOT about missionary work and getting the members to work with their ward missionaries. So if you haven`t done so recently, please take Brother Nielson`s advice and go help your ward missionaries, they will appreciate it so much and especially if you invite some of your friends over for a Family Home Evening with them. If you are already helping them out, then keep up the good work! I now realize the importance of it and am committed to help the missionaries wayyy more when I get back!

     All of the talks were just fantastic!! This was the most enjoyable session of conference I have had yet! I really enjoyed Elder Vinson`s talk during theSunday afternoon session all about how the Lord wants us to build the Faith to turn to him during our trials to know how to solve them. That`s why He allows bad things happen to us. As a 19 year old girl, I know that I do not have much power, if I did not have the help of my Heavenly Father, this work would be impossible. But when we combine forces with God, we will be so much more effective and have more power than we could ever imagine. I like to think of it as a wind current - Heavenly Father has his current full of righteousness blowing in one direction and when we are disobedient and try and go against it, then we won`t have as much power. But when our current and God`s current are moving in the exact same direction, then we will be infinitely stronger and do things we never thought possible. 

        This week was a good one though. It was kinda crazy too since we had to take a random trip to the center of Concepcion to have my companion tested for Tuberculosis. It`s not dangerous to me at all, but there is an Hermana who has active Tuberculosis and has to be isolated for about 4 weeks....that would be horrible as a missionary, I feel so bad for her! My comp lived with her for a while before and had to get tested for it just to make sure, but no one here has the test so I think she will get it next week or something. I really don`t think there is any risk that she has it, but at least we got Dominos pizza (best thing ever here!!)  when we had to go to Concepcion! So that was crazy, but otherwise all is well! 

    Seems like everything is great at home! Awesome that all of my nieces and nephews were able to go to Disney World! Send some pictures! Mom and Dad enjoy your cruise this next week with Mumphy and Pops, send them my love! You all are so great and keep the faith! Love you tons. 

   Hermana Romney 

P.S. the picture is of our sweet ghetto curtains that we made out of a poncho and a sheet in our new house since we don`t have any that aren`t transparent...  
the other is "our" dogs that follow us around frequently named Rosy and Roldi.... BTW the dogs here are CRAZYY and are everywhere! They will bark so loud out and just about give me a heart attack when it`s late at night and we can`t see anything....

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