Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Karen got baptized!!! - Jan. 20, 2014

¡Hola mis queridos! 

           How has this week been for everyone? I just love being able to email every week and getting energized from the support and love I feel from each one of you! So as the title of this email gives away...KAREN GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY AND CONFIRMED ON SUNDAY!!! WOOOOOOO! We were sooo pumped for her and she was glowing so bright that day! After about 3 years of meeting with at least about 20 different missionaries, she was able to receive the saving ordinance of baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. She was finally able to take that step forward and progress towards Eternal Life. I think it was one of the most anticipated baptisms this ward has seen since she almost got baptized about 3 different times. Lots of members showed up to since quite a few of them said they had to see it to believe it. Haha. The spirit was so strong and Karen felt it too. Us Hermanas sang a Child`s Prayer and her mom gave such a sweet testimony. I have to admit that for a while at the beginning I was really iffy about teaching her since so many missionaries have taught her and she was still smoking. 
I wanted to drop her quite a few times, but we still kept teaching her and as she felt the spirit more and more in her family and seeing changes in her dad, her desire to follow the commandments kept growing. Also when she actually read the Book of Mormon (she said she never sincerely everyday had before), she changed and had the desire to God`s will. However, all of our efforts, the other missionaries efforts, and the Lord`s efforts paid off that day. I have never seen her so happy and her dad still has a hard heart right now, but he is still reading, praying, and coming to church, so I have high hopes for him. 

     Other than that, this week has been great! We had to look for a new house in our area for the two new missionaries that are going to be coming. There are going to be 6 missionaries in our ward starting next week! Crazy! Apparently our ward is the biggest in the mission, so I don`t think we will run into each other too much, but when I told the Hermana in our ward who organizes the lunches with the members for us, I thought she was going to have a heart attack. Hahahah. She works so hard to make sure that we always have lunch (and we always do!) But there are quite a few people that can only give lunch to 2 people and so that means she will have to schedule 3 different people everyday. I feel so bad for her, but I know that it will be awesome to have so many missionaries. Also Brielle, I know what this still doesn`t compare to the 10 missionaries that are in your ward!! Woo go missionaries!!! Anyways, since the only places that were available in our sector were brand new nice condos, the assistants said that the Hermanas will get to move into the place and the Elders in the slug and flea infested place we are in now. We are not positive that is what is going to happen, but we have high hopes!! 
    Alright not much time, but this week has been great working with the members and getting our investigators to progress. I love you all so much and don`t ever let go of the Iron Rod!!!! Read, pray, and go to church everyday. You will see the difference and will be blessed for it. This gospel is so powerful and absolutely true. Keep the Faith strong and don`t ever forget that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of you. 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

1) Instagram pic: caption: Making cupcakes for Karen`s baptism!! #savingsouls (sorry emailing is the only thing close I have to social media on the mission :)) 
2)Isn`t she glowing?? 
3)Karen with all of the other missionaries that have taught her! 
4)Goofing around with the family

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