Friday, February 14, 2014

One Year!- Feb. 10, 2014

¡Hola mis queridos hermanos! ¿Còmo les han ido este semana? Espero que esten compartiendo el evangelio con los demas y recibiendo las bendiciones que nuestro Padre Celestial tiene preparado para cada uno de ustedes. 

   Well this week was great! But then again, when is there a week that isn`t great?? Of course every week has it`s ups and lots of downs, but when we think about it, our loving Heavenly Father has given us so much to be grateful for. The people that we get to meet everyday, the possibility to live with our families for eternity, Jesus Christ our savior, all of the prophets and people that came before us who kept the faith and made it possible for us to do the same, the scriptures that guide us and help us feel God`s love for us, the simple act of being alive, and the list goes wayyyyyyyyyy on!!!!!!  
   Also sadly, in exactly one year from today, I will be having my final interview from President and finishing my mission. CRAZY!! Really time has flown by sooo fast and I will hit my 6 month mark this week as well. I have got one year from today to give my all to the Lord and help as many people as possible. I have one year to learn soooo many life lessons and grow as a person that will affect me and my family for the rest of eternity. One year to strip myself of my pride and become who the Lord wants me to become. One year to experience the miracle of a mission and wear the name of Jesus Christ everyday. I want to take full advantage of this time I have been given to invite people to repentance, be baptized, and make sacred covenants. This scripture found in Words of Mormon 1:7 really impacted me this week, " And I do this for a awise bpurpose; for thus it whispereth me, according to the workings of the Spirit of the Lord which is in me. And now, I do not know all things; but the Lord cknoweth all things which are to come; wherefore, he dworketh in me to do according to his ewill."

I think this describes just about every missionary and what they feel. A lot of times, I feel like I don`t know enough or am not doing enough, but I know and feel comfort this is the Lord`s work and he knows better than me. 
*sorry it won't let me rotate the picture
   As far as our investigators, things have been going great and if all goes well, Daniela will be baptized on the 22 of this month. Lots of people have been going out of town since they all have their vacations now, but we are still doing great and finding people to teach. Hna Lino is doing great and we continue to become better and better friends each week. I love her so much! Also we had an incredible lesson with Roxana, Ricardo and their kids last night with one of our menos activos named Marcela who shared such a strong testimony of how families can be together forever. She is separated from her husband and wants more than anything to have a forever family and told them make sure they take advantage of the opportunity they have to go to the temple in a year. I am sooooo happy for that family!!!  I also love everyone of you and I feel my capacity to love becoming greater and greater as I try and become more like Christ. I have no doubt that the power of God has once again been restored on this earth and that we can all be eternally happy if we choose to be. Be good and do the Lord`s will. 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

The pictures are from the beach this past week that I didn`t get to put up before. Also my hair has gotten so blonde from being in the sun all day! It`s crazy!

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