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2015!!! -Jan 5, 2015


      Woahh I can`t believe it is 2015 already! 2014 honestly has been the best year of my life in the sense that I can grown and learned so much. I have lots of goals for this year to be able to continue progressing in the gospel which include keeping a similar routine of studying the scriptures always especially after the mission. That is the only way that we can stay strong in the gospel and really hold on to the iron rod. I hope you all had a wonderful New Years celebration. Some members invited us over to eat dinner at their house on the 31st and we had special permission to be out until 11pm, so that was fun. With the hermanas here in the house we brought out some glow sticks and of course everyone there was a huge celebration outside with a HUGE bonfire!!! We could see it from right outside of our house, so I will send the picture. I love celebrations here in Chile!

    Well this morning we had Consejo this morning with the mission leaders and man are we changing things here! All of our key indicators are changing and we have a huge focus on building the wards or branches where we are. Now we focus on baptisms and assistance to church instead of counting all of the different lessons with members and what not. It will be iinteresting but a good way to focus on getting people back to church and focusing on the people and not on numbers. Our key indicators went from about 15 to about 5.... way different, but I like it.

     Then just an update on what happened back in my old sector in Chillan, well rememeber Johana and Sebastian? The ones who weren`t married when we found them, but they came to church for almost 2 months when I was there. Well now they got married and baptized!!!! That made me soooo happy to hear!!!! They are awesome and I love them sooo much! Then Carmen got baptized too the week after I left - she was the sweetest older lady that we found. Made my day.

    Now to Penco, well we have been seeing miracles and the familia Mejillas (Andrea and Carolina) have a date to be baptized for the end of January if all goes well and they are so great! They actually shared with the missionaries for about 6 months before and came to church a lot, but never got baptized. We had an awesome lesson with the bishop last night and Hna Blau and I talked about it before and we decided that we were going to have them say a prayer during our lesson to help them know if they should be baptized or not. Well it turned out great! After the prayer Carolina said that she felt pure peace and loved everything that she has learned in the gospel so we had her read D&C 6:23 - where it talks about how Heavenly Father answers our prayers with peace. It was so powerful and after she read it, she just said, "I don`t know what I have been waiting for..." Where we then invited her for the 24th and she accepted. I know for a fact that God answers our prayers when we ask with real intent.

    Well the mission continues to be amazing and I love you all so much. Okay sorry one more random thing, so one of my old companions Hna Baturitè from Brazil was in Penco right before I got here. Anyways, she finished her mission and returned home, but is now back here living with a family in the ward because she is going to marry one of the returned missionaries here!!! Crazy!!!! Although it is great for us since she was one of my great friends and can go out with us and help us here!!! I couldn`t believe it at first, but if she`s happy, then I am too.
   Sorry my email this week was so random, but I love you all and hope that you continue to help the missionaries there in your own wards. The ONLY way to do missionary work is to work with the members!!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Romney

 Johana y Sebastian with Hna Ayuso in Chillan! 

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