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Little things for Granted -March 17, 2014

¿Hola hola como esta la mejor familia en todo el mundo?

  So this morning we just got back from eating gourmet French Toast at the President`s house with all of the Hermanas in our zone! Then we decided to do a little bit of yoga and breathing exercises, which was sooo nice. It was super American and I loved it. I`ll send pics next week. 
Funny moment:
    So one of the members named Hermano Jorge is soo hilarious and is just a little bit of an odd ball. You know the type that usually every ward has one of them haha. But I love him so much and he always calls my comp Machu Picchu (because she is from Peru and that is the bottom part of Machu Picchu) then he calls me Wayna Picchu (because that is the tall mountain that is on top of Machu Picchu....hahahah) Anyways, he always jokes about our height difference and right after Sacrament Meeting, he comes up to me and stands on one of the benches to say hi to me while everyone was still basically sitting down... hahaha oh Hno Jorge! 
          Well this week was a little bit more of a tougher week; however, whenever we serve the Lord, it always is a good week! We will start with the good miracles and things that Heavenly Father has been blessing us with. So our investigator Hector (the one we met on New Years and called us later) came to the baptism of an 8 year old kid in our ward and said he felt the spirit so strong there. He said he really pays attention to energies that people give off and when we talked to him later about the baptism, he said he felt such a good energy there!! That when he was inside of the church that he felt like there was a bubble protecting us and he felt really good inside. He was also so impressed that the little kids could understand so much and were so spiritual. It really made me think about how we take those little things for granted. We really have such a great opportunity to be able to go church and feel of the spirit that many people don`t ever get to feel. 
         Also it has been amazing to see the difference of kids that have grown up in the Gospel and those who haven`t. It is a huge difference and the kids of the members are usually well-behaved and have a special spirit about them, whereas those who aren`t are usually pretty wild haha. Even in the familia Pino Peña (new converts as of December) have changed soooo much!!! It`s incredible and it really is so important to raise children in the Gospel and to teach them the plan our loving Heavenly Father has for us! Hector is doing good now and even called the other day to thank us for everything because his life has gone so good since we have started to meet with him and he has started to feel happy again. Before his Faith in God was very little, but now he says that he knows God exsits!  Life really does get better when we have Faith in Jesus Christ!! Another example is Hno Pedro (recent convert of November) has Parkinson's. Before his baptism, I remember the first lesson we had with him he kept shaking and looked pretty miserable to be honest. He could hardly walk and it was hard to understand him when he talked. However, after his baptism, he is able to walk so much better and he looks so much better than before. When we went to visit him this week he was making jokes the whole time. He knows that he changed after his baptism and has such a strong testimony!! Ahh this Gospel is soo true and real! 
    So a bummer this week was that Hna Lino has been pretty sick these past few days, so that is always hard, but she is a fighter and is trying not to let it get her down. Then yesterday it rained right in the morning for church and in the morning we got 3 calls in a row from all of our investigators calling on us to say that they woke up sick and weren't going to be able to come....ahhh something has got to be in the air that is making everyone sick!! But what do you do? You keep pushing along and confront the hard things in life with buen animo! I invite all of you to reflect on your life and think of how the Gospel has blessed your lives and then go and share it in whatever little way you can so that others can have those blessings too!! I love you all soooooo much!!! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

Picture of the hole in my running Nikes..... luckily we found a less active family that fixes shoes and so he fixed it for me and we were able to teach them at the same time!!! 
Then my sweet foot tan!!!! And no that is not dirt... 
And the Chilean sunrise that we see every morning from our balcony!

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