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Be Strong- Feb 24, 2014

¡Hola Hola!

How has this week been for everyone? It`s been another good one down here in Chile, Concepciòn! This past week I learned over and over again to not let anyone else determine our salvation or even our attitude for that matter. We met a lot with some less-actives this week and finally had 6 of them at church on Sunday!! Gisela, one of my favorites, had not been to church for about 10 years finally came! A little about Gisela: She had her first daughter when she was 17 and hasn`t had the best childhood and parents. Her daughter, Tami, who is 16 now is going through a lot of rough things in her life and all Gisela wants for her daughter is to have a bright future and do more than she was able to do. Gisela`s life got a lot better when she became a member of the church, but after a comment that another member said to her, she decided to not come back again. Obviously the comment was not nice and hurt her a lot, but that is no reason to leave the Gospel of Jesus Christ! After meeting with her a few times and helping her find her testimony again, she decided to come to church and bring Tami, who isn`t a member and is now our investigator!
They both absolutely loved church and some members invited them to a Family Home Evening tonight that we are going to go to with them! Anyways, with her story, it really made me realize that we CAN NOT let anyone else affect what we do. We CAN NOT let them keep us from receiving all of the blessings that Heavenly Father has in store for us. Occasionally while contacting people in the street, we will get a few rude comments, not many, pero hay de todo. When that happens, Hna Lino usually takes it personally and I can tell it affects her a lot. I always try and make a joke right after to cheer her up and to get over usually just ends up me laughing at my own joke...haha. But point is, we cannot let anyone else determine our attitude and especially our relationship with God. People are imperfect, but God isn`t and his teachings aren`t either. Well I think after we banged that idea enough around in Gisela`s head and several others, they were able to come to church and renew their baptismal covenants!!
Funny moments:
- My comp told me that I was a "roadrunner" because I walk to fast... (It took me a while before I realized what she was trying to call me in Spanish. Haha.)
- We were talking to some little kids in the street yesterday and this one little boy told us about how he was so sad that in his new church, you can only get baptized if you are younger than 8 years old. Well this kid was 8 years old and we then we went on to tell him that in the Church of Jesus Christ, that you can only get baptized when you are 8 years and older. His face then lit up and he asked me if I had a pen. I said yes and gave him the pen and then he wrote on his hand "escuela mormon" or "mormon school" and then he ran inside and told his parents that he wanted to go to the mormon school so that he could get baptized. Haha! Too bad he was just visiting and doesn`t live in our cute. I was touched by his simple desire that he had to follow the example of Jesus Christ at such a young age. I am so grateful that we have the knowledge to know that baptism is only necessary when we can repent of our sins and know what we are doing.
Well as always, I am sooo glad to be apart of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to be able to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ everyday to the incredible people of Chile. I am so grateful for my family and continue wondering what I did right to be able to have the family that I do. I am so grateful for our investigators that we have and they continue to progress so much every week!! I hope all of you have an amazing week and know how much our Heavenly Father loves everyone of us. Keep choosing the right and we will be blessed.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Romney

Not sure what order the pictures are in, but where my hair is crazy, my comp wanted me to send that one after she put lots of braids in my hair!! Then burning my shirt for my 6 month mark and some missionary cookies that we made!! They are supposed to be my small comp and me with Books of Mormon with us!!


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