Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cambios are...... - Oct 6, 2014


    Okay so cambios were announced this morning and I am.......... staying here in Copihues with Hna Ayuso and we are TRANING together!!!! I didn`t even know that was possible.... but we are so excited!! We both are still STLs and are co-companions so we are now going to be co-madres haha. Hna Ayuso has never had an hija before, so I am super happy for her and our hija better be ready to work and learn a lot, because she is going to have two moms!! We will be going to Concepcion tomorrow to go pick her up in the morning. I have no idea what the mini-cambios are going to be like with 3 of us, but the triple threat trio is back! 

     I am so relieved that I will be here for Pilar and Flavio`s wedding and actually we made it so that Hna Ayuso and I are both witnesses for the wedding, so I would have to had come back anyways to be there. So on Thursday they are getting married by the registro civil and Saturday is Pilar`s baptism and the celebration. This week we really are going to have to be just like wedding planners and want to make this a special moment for them. The whole ward is coming together to make everything work since they don`t have money to be able to do much. They are both so excited and love each other so much. 

   Then General Conference was amazing this weekend!! Just what I needed and I loved all of the talks! I loved how Elder Bednar spoke directly to our investigators and let them know just how much this Gospel can help them. President Monson`s talk was also great and is exactly what we do every day, help others follow Christ. We actually have an investigator named Cesar that came to conference who is atheist. He lives with the familia Sandoval and has never come to church before until yesterday! We asked him afterwards if he wanted to do what the Prophet said and to follow Christ and he said no... haha but he is progressing at least! (Picture attached is with Cesar and the food he made us!)  We finally got to watch the women`s conference this weekend and it was so good!! It made me miss temple`s so much, but made me excited to keep working and preparing the people here en la mision Chile Concepcion to be worthy to go to the temple. That`s where it`s all at. 

    Well I have to go, but I love you all so much and thanks for the pictures and everything!! Hope all is well at home and know that I am happy and loving life. The mission is full of ups and downs, but there is no reason to get down when we are doing the Lord`s work. He is ALWAYS there to help us. ALWAYS. 

con mucho amor, 
    Hermana Romney 

Sitting on the bed in the tiny house of the familia Cares Garay where we always teach them. 

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