Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Mission is Better.- Sept 8, 2014

¡Hola Hola! 

      I am so glad that this past week was such a good one for everyone. Glad that the guys had a good boys trip to Austin and that BYU actually won this year!! You guys would take a Segway tour around Austin... and oh my Brielle you would try and go too. Hahah I love it. And just like you said Dad, it is a little bit hard to see pics of all the family together and not be there, but I have to say that the mission is better! Even if you guys are eating the best barbecue in the whole world, there is nothing that beats the mission. It is a once in a a lifetime experience. If there is anyone reading this trying to decide if they should go on a mission or not, JUST GO. This week Hna Ayuso and I read the Miracle of a Mission by Elder Holland together and it really is the most important time of our lives. When we are involved in the saving of souls. There is nothing greater. However, yes Dad I am excited to do lots of fun things with all of you when I get back. :) 

         So this week work wise was great!! We found lots of new people to teach, however, quite a few of them now don`t want to keep meeting with us. We are pretty sure that they maybe talked to some friends or family about visiting with us and they told them to stop. That either their family is Catholic and nothing is going to change that, or that we are American spies from the CIA (my personal favorite rumor about us). So after having this happen a few times, we decided that we are basically just going to work with references or incomplete families. The way mission work should always be done - through the members. Obviously we are going to keep talking with everyone, but honestly, almost all of the baptisms I have been apart of on my mission were references or less-actives that we have helped reactivate. Anyways, I absolutely love working along side Hna Ayuso and am excited for this next weeks with her and hope we can at least be together for one more cambio after this. Mom and Dad - glad that you guys are teaching mission-prep again! Mom, my advice for them would be to study the scriptures as much as possible right now, they will need it. To go out with the missionaries a lot!! And just to live right so they will be worthy to be representatives of Jesus Christ. Just a few things. I am sure you guys have way better advice than I do anyways. :)

     So just last thought, this Sunday, Fabian, the oldest son (16) of the familia Cares Garay gave his testimony about the blessings he has seen since his family started coming back to church. About how they used to fight a lot, but now they just laugh about it all and that he has been happier. It brought tears to his mom`s eyes (not a member yet) and mine. It hit me so strong sitting there that the Gospel of Jesus Christ really works. It makes a difference. It`s not just some "story" like some people think, but it`s real and has real effects. I felt the spirit so strongly there and am so happy to be a part of this work and to witness their lives change. Not just for now or for a year, but for eternity. There is just no other feeling even close that I have ever felt in my life. I can`t wait to keep working this week and thank you family for everything. I owe you so much Mom and Dad for always making Christ the center of our home. It was the best thing that you could have ever done for me. I love you all soooo much!!! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Romney 

Sorry no pics this week... this computer doesn`t work. 

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