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Parenthood and Weddings - Oct 13, 2014

Hola familia y amigitos, 

     This week has been pure joy to the point of exhaustion! Seriously so much happiness and I don`t think I have ever been this tired in my life. I absolutely love it though and I feel like we do sooo much everyday which is exactly what we want as missionaries. First off, meet Hermana Love, our "hija"! Ella es puro AMOR no mas....haha!! She is from Gilbert, Arizona, 19 years old, loves sports and music, tall, and so excited to work. She is awesome and all 3 of us just have a blast together!! Hna Ayuso is basically my best friend in the mission and now Hermana Love just adds so much spirit to the companionship so we are exhausted everyday, but so enjoyable and full of laughs every second. So of course being new, Hna Love has a very limited Spanish vocabulary, but she is not afraid to talk at all! She just goes up to everyone and lots of time they don`t understand her (which makes me laugh a lot) but she`s ready to learn. It is really interesting that Hna Ayuso and I both are training her and we decided it is the perfect practice for parenthood. We both have different training methods, but both are good and we compromise to do what we feel is best for her. Weird, but good. 
      This Tuesday in District class we had to say which movie our comps would be. Hna Love said I was Lego World (never seen it...haha) but apparently everything is cool there and Hna Ayuso said I was High School Musical because I liked to play basketball and sing.....hahah pretty funny but true. Then I said Hna Ayuso was Dr. Doolittle because she always talks to all the animals on the streets haha and then Hna Love was Bring it On because she is just so excited and has the energy of a cheerleader. So now you can sort of imagine our companionship. :) 
      Thursday morning was so amazing as Hna Ayuso and I were witnesses for Flavio and Pilar`s wedding!!!!!!! They finally got married!!! Us three did Pilar and Martina`s hair and make-up for the wedding (that`s why it`s good there are Hermanas too :)) I had to sign for them and they were so happy. We took lots of pictures for them and it was so special. 

      Then Saturday night Pilar got BAPTIZED and we had a ward activity/celebration for their wedding!!!! It was an unforgettable day and Pilar was so emotional. She told us afterwards that when she got baptized, that the water filled her ears and all after her baptism she could hear a chorus of angels singing and she just felt pure peace. So cool! She bore her testimony after to lots of her family members who are less-actives and a few non-members that she hopes they can feel everything that she is feeling in this moment and to experiment the same peace she feels.
     Then the ward made a huge 3 layer cake for them and they had a huge party afterwards that the ward threw for them. It was so awesome to see the ward come together to put something on for them since they don`t have too much. We had lots of fun too! They thanked us so many times and now want to share the Gospel so much. So cool to see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes people. Family I wish you guys could have been here to see it, but I really hope you get to meet this family someday. Mom, I gave them the nice silver CTR rings that match that you sent me as a wedding gift and they loved them, so thanks for those! 
     Then last highlight of the week was that Johana and Sebastian came to church yesterday with their two kids for the first time!! They loved it so much and want to keep progressing, we just have to get them married too.....but at least we are experienced at that now. 

    I literally am so exhausted and I think am getting sick since I have gotten a few headaches which I never get, but the work is going great and I am happy. There is no time for that sickness stuff....haha. Thanks Brielle for sharing your experiences of sharing the gospel with others and Mom and Dad you too!!! I love that!! Oh and all of your thoughts on General Conference. Glad you guys loved it just as much as I did! Keep it up and I love you all so much. I know Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us and can work miracles. 

Con mucho amor, 
  Hermana Romney 

Pics of the wedding and the baptism!  

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