Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Familia Sandoval- Sept 29, 2014

¡Buenos Tardes! 

     What a week. This morning we work up really early to go to Consejo with all of the ZLs and STL where they talked so much on working with the members. IT IS THE ONLY WAY. It was really good just the spiritual uplift I needed. Then we went with everyone to go play volleyball in one of the churches here that used to be a church school and had a court inside, so I obviously loved that!! 

      This week has been great though and we actually have been able to work much better with the members and there were very few hours in the week where we did not have a member with us out visiting. Hna Ayuso and I did 2 mini-cambios this week which always leave us exhausted, but the good kind of exhausted. The familia Cares Garay are still doing amazing and now we finally have an official date for the wedding and Pilar`s baptism on the 11th of October. Because of general conference and different legal situations, we had to push it back a little bit, but she is still doing just as great as ever. Earlier in the week we taught them about temple work and baptisms for the dead and she her face just lit up as she told us about a dream she had a few nights ago where her dead father was dressed in white and wanted to be with her. Helloooo.... totally about baptism and she got so excited as we told her that we would start working with her so they can do all of that work for him. Then last night they had all of us missionaries over to their tiny house to eat completos and celebrate Fabian`s 17th birthday (they kind of love us :)). Fabian actually just got back from being a mini- missionary for the weekend and he loved it so much!!! It was so awesome to see him progressing and to be so excited to go and serve a mission in about a year more!!! I love seeing them progress!! It makes me so happy to know that I have at least done a little bit to be able to help someone else come unto Christ. There is nothing like it. 

      Then the familia Sandoval is doing awesome!!! Remember them? Fernanda the little girl who got baptized a month ago? Well the dad, Gustavo is now such a stud and got a calling to teach the youth yesterday at church. Then Gigi, the 17 year old sister who did not want any thing to do with us when we first started visiting them is so excited to serve a mission and has gone out with us more than 4 times now!! When we first visited them, she said that she did not know if God existed. That 2 years ago when she got baptized that she knew he did, but now she wasn`t sure. Anyways, we taught her a lot about prayer and told her just to ask Him. Well about a week after that she came back to us and told us, "Hermanas, I prayed and know that he is there and loves me". It was the sweetest thing every and now loves to go out with us and we are hoping she will get called soon as a ward missionary! Not to mention this week she made us lasagna one day when we didn`t have lunch and then completos another day! Everyone has been feeding us sooo much recently!!! I hardly have to buy any food... but hey I`m not complaining :) 

Funny moment of the week:
    Guillermo... a guy who came to church once with us showed us his "temple" that has a big sign out side of it that says "Church of Miracles". It is just this little tiny church and there is about 5 people who come every week....... We entered just for a little bit because he begged us to and wanted me to start preaching at the pulpit.... it was really awkward hahahaha. I had to try really hard to keep my composure, but we invited him to come to General Conference next week to hear a real prophet and he says he will be there "si o si" so that will be interesting. 
     Also, we are teaching 7 different people named Maria!!!! 7!!!! 

     Well cambios are next week and I have been praying so that I can stay in Chillan Viejo for at least one more cambio with Hermana Ayuso! We are just having so much fun and don`t want it to ever end. I love you all so much and know that the Atonement is real. It not only can help us to repent, but also to be strengthened during hard times. Help the missionaries in the ward and share the gospel at all times. I love you all so much!!! 

Con mucho amor, 
    Hermana Romney 

Sorry I forgot my camera cord.... so no pictures this week. 

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